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For more than two centuries, the Steinman family of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has owned and operated a wide variety of businesses focused on serving the needs of local communities.

Service, on a local level, runs deep in the Steinman family. And it runs deep in the family’s businesses, charitable giving and civic involvement, too.

Today, the Steinman family operates businesses in news media and commercial printing. These businesses are part of the privately-owned holding company known as LNP Media Group.

The family’s foundation—the largest, private philanthropic force in Lancaster County—was funded by LNP Media Group and works passionately and diligently to improve the lives of thousands of people throughout Lancaster County.

Changes in the media

With the creation of the Internet, dawn of digital communications and explosion in social media, the way people source, receive, consume and transmit information has changed more profoundly in the past 40 years than in all of human history.

Running local newspapers in this environment is not easy. In fact, more than 67% of the counties in America do not have a daily newspaper and that percentage is growing, depriving communities in those counties of access to local journalism.

Despite this reality, the Steinman family, through LNP Media Group, is investing more in its local news operations.

With deep roots and an unyielding commitment to high-quality local journalism, the Steinmans and the company’s leadership believe that local journalism matters more today than ever.

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